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Here's what we offer:

  • Dog Daycare
  • Doggie Adventure Trips
  • Pet Taxi/Transportation Services

Located in Westborough, Massachusetts 

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Sign up your dog today to be part of our pack !


JMF Pets, LLC  

Located in Westborough, MA

Not only does JMF Pets, LLC offer an exclusive home-environment dog daycare/dog social club aka "Canine Garden Club", we also offer "Doggie Adventure" hiking trips and we provide "Pet Transportation" services to Veterinary appointments, grooming appointments and more !

JMF Pets, LLC has the best dog daycare in the area ! Our "Canine Garden Club" is an exclusive dog social club located in a beautiful home environment. There are grassy yards for playing, wooded trails for nature walks, splash pools, a luxury dog lounge (cage free) and plenty of activity and stimulation for the "club member" dogs. Make an appointment today for a required meet & greet by filling out our Contact Us form below. Thank you !



Our private home-environment dog daycare is located in Westborough, MA

  •  Our doggie-lounge is complete with comfy couches, blankets, beds and toys
  • We provide regular walks and exercise throughout the day
  • We supervise all playtime and socialization outdoors in our "park-like" paradise 
  • We always provide lots of TLC for your dog


Doggie adventures

Hiking Trips

Let us take your dog on a hiking adventure with other outgoing friendly dogs ! 

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We take your dog on trips to:  (Round-trip transport provided)

-Dog parks

- State Forests

- Dog-friendly destinations

- Scenic Walking trails


If the weather is unfavorable for hiking or the walking conditions are not safe, we will reschedule your trip or give you a full refund.

JMF Pets


Don't have time to take your dog or cat to the Veterinary office or the Groomer?

We can help !

We offer Pet Taxi service so your cat or dog can be safely transported to his or her appointment when you are not able to take them yourself.

One-way and round-trips available:  

New clients require an initial meet and greet with their pet(s) before this service can be used.

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